Why Dentists Fail To Treat TMJ

Why Dentists Fail To Treat TMJ

Paul Ruth here owner and founder of Mojo Physio, a physical rehabilitation center specializing in pain relief from TMJ and headaches in Scottsdale, Arizona.

My success rate for treating TMJ and headaches is 98% and most of my patients feel an immediate 50 to 80% reduction in pain after their first session.

After only four sessions or so many of my patients experience lasting pain relief.

How is this possible?

The differentiating factor is that I treat the patient’s central nervous system whereas other therapists—and most medical doctors—treat only the point of injury.

For instance, it’s common for TMJ patients to come to me saying, “I’ve been to so many dentists! None of them helped me!”

“What did they tell you was going on?” I ask.

One patient told me, “The last dentist I went to couldn’t be sure if my TMJ was something called a descending problem or an ascending problem.”

I remember sighing. “That’s hogwash,” I said. “Who gives a crap if your pain is coming from the top of your body down or the bottom up?”

I ran this patient through my five-minute Body Mapping exam and got a clear picture of where they were holding tension.

My Body Mapping process is simple. On purpose.

It’s easy to get in the weeds if you spend all day staring at trees instead of the forest.

By which I mean this:

The best way to treat TMJ and tension headaches is to look at the patient holistically rather than granularly.

I don’t just investigate the headaches or the jaw problems, I look at the whole picture.

Once I see where the patient’s nerves are bound up, I apply gentle targeted pressure to release them and reset the nervous system’s correct functioning.

It’s that simple. And wouldn’t you know it?

Lo and behold, I enjoy a remarkably high success rate at my practice.

If you suffer from TMJ or chronic headaches, check out some of the client testimonial videos posted on my website.

Then, if you’re looking for answers, give me a call.

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