Your Nervous System Can Fix TMJ?!

Your Nervous System Can Fix TMJ?!

My name is Paul Ruth. I run a physical rehabilitation center in Scottsdale, Arizona called Mojo Physio.

At Mojo Physio, we specialize in TMJ and headaches.

We have a 98% success rate.

Meaning that 98% of our patients are pain-free after treatment, for good.

People always ask me why my success rate is so damn high.

It’s simple, I take a different approach than practically every other physical therapist I know.

For instance, with TMJ, I don’t give a crap about your jaw, your locked muscles, none of that.

I care about your nervous system.

See, what most people in my business don’t realize is that pain results from blockages in the nerves.

According to science, bodies are nothing more than bioelectrical circuit boards.

Your Nervous System Can Fix TMJ?!

Using my Body Mapping process, I can generally tell where a patient is holding blocked energy in about five minutes.

Once I know where the neuroelectrical energy is held up, I encourage it to loosen using a targeted therapeutic touch.

The body responds very well to this kind of treatment.

Look, we all have lifetimes of tension that have accumulated in our bodies.

A lot of patients come to me and say, “Paul, I don’t know what happened! I turned 50 and everything just fell apart!”

I tell them their age has nothing to do with what’s happening to them.

Their nervous systems simply got overloaded as years went by, so their bodies kept compensating and compensating … until they couldn’t anymore.

But this can be fixed.

If you suffer from TMJ or tension headaches, I hope you’ll give me a call.

Again, my name is Paul Ruth. This is what I’ve dedicated my practice to.

I’m pretty sure I can help you be pain-free. For good.

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