If You Suffer from Aches and Pains, Beware the Posture Police!

If You Suffer from Aches and Pains, Beware the Posture Police!

My father-in-law didn’t talk to me for four years.

He’s a great guy but he thought I did massage work, which was a bit too touchy-feely for him.

Then one day, he finally broke and came to me about his persistent low back pain.

Which I fixed in one session.

“How did you do that?” he said.

Mostly by NOT doing what everyone else in my industry does.

Almost everyone in related healing arts focuses on posture.

They believe that, once you correct posture, everything else in a person’s body works correctly.

Except there’s a problem with that.

Newsflash: nobody walks around with correct posture. Absolutely no one.

I spent ten years after my initial body work training learning every methodology and approach you can think of—and not one of them could show me that posture was the key to all bodily ills.

A lot of these people were famous, too.

Guru healers. National figures in the healing arts. Respected figures.

I’m not knocking their work, I just think their focus is totally off.

New patients come to me all the time, complaining their posture is off.

Most of them seem shocked when I shrug and say, “Who cares?”

“Did you come here for posture correction or symptom relief?” I ask them.

“Oh,” they say. “Well, I’m sure in a lot of pain here.”

“So you came here for symptom relief. You want that pain gone and that’s what I do.”

“What if I got you 100% pain free but your posture still sucked. Would you want that to happen?”

I haven’t had a client yet who refused, and my success rate for treating TMJ and headaches is 98%.

My name is Paul Ruth. The therapy center I founded is Mojo Physio in Scottsdale, Arizona.

If you suffer from TMJ or headaches, give me a call.

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