Eliminate Your Pain Neurologically

Eliminate Your Pain Neurologically

That’s probably the question my patients ask me most often.

And it’s a very good question since it goes to the root of something very important, something they didn’t know about themselves.

My name is Paul Ruth, I’m the founder of Mojo Physio, a physical rehabilitation center in Scottsdale, Arizona.

For the past 30 years, I’ve focused on how the human nervous system works—in a practical sense.

Eliminate Your Pain Neurologically

Each time we sustain an injury, even a minor one, our brains sense the pain and reroute our movements to minimize that pain.

Different muscles engage in new patterns of movement to prohibit the body from hurting.

That’s how smart the human nervous system is. It’s part of our evolutionary heritage.

Within three to four weeks, our miraculous brains process the “detour” movement pattern as a new normal.

This can throw everything off by locking in chronic aches or limited motion sets for all time.

Using targeted touch, I’ve learned to release certain energy buildups in a body’s neuroelectrical patterns.

I’m unlocking the bound-up electrical energy so the nervous system resets itself.

Age-old aches and pains simply disappear. Without surgery. Without drugs. And without injections of any kind.

I specialize in treating TMJ and headaches. Using this method, I get 98% of my patients pain-free for good.

I just built an online course that teaches you how to do a lot of this work at home, on your own, using a set of massage balls.

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