Why Mojo Physio Physical Therapy Center?

Why Do I Call My Physical Therapy Center Mojo Physio?

I have to confess something. Names drive me nuts.

They’re so damn subjective.

Ask one person if they think the name of your business is good does it resonate how does it make them feel?

They’ll tell you it pops.

Ask another person, they’ll tell you it sucks.

Why Mojo Physio Physical Therapy Center?

I find this confounding, especially since, over many years, I spent a small fortune branding and rebranding my business.

Eventually, I stopped thinking and kept things simple.

No more hiring consultants for boatloads of money so they could tell me that everything about my business presentation sucks.

Why Mojo Physio Physical Therapy Center?

Instead, I went with my gut.

I’ve always loved the word “mojo” because, if you’ve ever had some of that juice flowing well, you know how awesome it feels.

Mojo is magic to me.

The term “mojo” also breaks down to two critical aspects of my physical therapy practice: “mobility” and “joints.”

When you get your mobility and joints right, a life of pain-free pleasure can follow.

And “physio”? Well, that simple word hints at how everything I do is based on the body.

Interestingly enough, the word “physio” comes from the Greek word “phusis,” meaning nature.

I find this fitting since it hints that everything I do in my practice is natural.

I don’t use drugs, injections, or surgery, but 98% of my TMJ and headache patients walk out of my practice pain-free.

And not just temporarily. For good.

If you suffer from TMJ or chronic headaches, I hope you’ll give me a call.

I think I can help.

My name is Paul Ruth. I’m the owner and founder of Mojo Physio in Scottsdale, Arizona.

My goal is to get you pain-free for life.

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