Body Mapping Can Cure Pain

Body Mapping Can Cure Pain

In the mid-2000s, I began teaching a national seminar on how to relieve pain through physical touch.

People fly from all over the country to study with me, but that doesn’t mean they agree with what I teach them at first.

A lot of them think what I’m telling them won’t work in clinical practice, but of course, it does.

I show them my five-minute Body Mapping technique and say, “This is all you’ll ever need to diagnose your patients’ problems.”

Body Mapping Can Cure Pain

The audience that day had a chiropractor in it, a yoga guru, and some physical therapists. All were staring at me, shaking their heads.

All wanted me to work from the common industry targets of fascia and posture.

I said, “Fascia and posture are nice, but like I just said, they don’t get to the heart of where pain gets stored—in the human nervous system.”

“What you’re saying is too damn simple!” they said.

” I just explained how pain affects the human body from the standpoint of neuroscience, physics, physiology, and biology. Did all that make sense to you?”

“Then please keep an open mind and try what I’m asking you to consider. I believe you’ll see that it works.”

Of course, it did. And it always does. Because it’s science.

My name is Paul Ruth of Mojo Physio in Scottsdale, Arizona.

I specialize in the treatment of TMJ and headaches.

Currently, I enjoy a 98% success rate.

This means the vast majority of my patients get up from my table after just a few sessions and their pain is gone for good.

If you have TMJ or headaches that won’t go away, I hope you’ll give me a call.

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