What Is A Migraine Headache?

What Is A Migraine Headache?

Ah, yes. The world of migraine headaches.

It’s a vast, sprawling world without definite borders.

For instance, these days, most people use the word “migraine” to indicate that they have an especially powerful headache.

When the concept of migraines is just as elusive, just as mysterious now as it was 50 years ago.

The pharmaceutical industry has indeed come up with some interesting medications.

Some are vasoconstrictors: medicines that constrict blood flow in the body.

Some are vasodilators: medicines that encourage blood flow.

It’s also true that some of these medications work. Some don’t.

I’m not a medical doctor but my success rate for treating migraine pain is high, around 98%.

You read that right. About 98% of my TMJ and headache patients experience pain relief.

I can usually tell in five minutes whether or not I can cure your headache.

In most cases where pain radiates from the base of the neck to the temples and up toward the front of the forehead, I feel comfortable saying you’re going to live pain-free after a few sessions with me.

Even better, I can virtually assure you that no stimulation, such as lights or smells, will trigger your next headache.

This is because I don’t treat your headache, I treat your nervous system.

Imbalances in your nervous system are what’s causing your headaches.

Therefore, once I restore your nervous system to its normal, stable balance, your headaches—and plenty of other pains—typically disappear.

I know that sounds strange, but I’ve been doing this work for 30 years, and I can tell you in great detail how it works.

For now, however, if you’re interested, visit my website. Listen to video testimonials left by my patients.

Then, if you’re suffering from TMJ or chronic headaches, give me a call.

My name is Paul Ruth. I’m the owner and founder of Mojo Physio in Scottsdale, Arizona.

My goal is to help you live pain-free again.

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