Best Tip for Correcting Your Posture

Best Tip for Correcting Your Posture

Have you heard about Tech Neck?

It’s a common condition these days.

Tech Neck is a postural imbalance that happens because so many of us spend our days sitting in front of a computer.

Or staring at our phones with our chins tucked down.

Small wonder that so many of us have crappy posture.

But this can be fixed, and the best way I know to do that has nothing to do with exercises or stretching.

You don’t get it from braces or other medical devices.

It’s called … are you ready for this? Awareness.

Even if you spend your whole life in front of a computer—in fact, especially if you spend your whole life in front of a computer—check in with yourself every couple of minutes.

Best Tip for Correcting Your Posture

Ask yourself, Where am I holding tension right now? What would happen if I let that tension go?

Remember that gravity’s constantly pulling our bodies to the earth. But how will we react to that?

By fighting against it with muscular tension? Or releasing all tension and letting our skeletons align themselves properly, floating toward the ceiling?

This isn’t magic, nor should it be. It’s common sense.

For instance, if you check in with yourself and find that your head is slightly forward while you’re sitting to type up a document … tilt it back.

Take micro-breaks every couple of minutes to stretch and align your body.

Don’t save everything up for the end of the day when you do a spastic blitzkrieg routine with weights at the gym.

In some cases, that only makes things worse.

Be gentle with yourself.

Stay aware of your body’s position throughout the day and correct your posture, little by little, as you go.

I’ve helped thousands of patients to do this and I can tell you straight up. It works.

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