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Mojo Enthusiasts Unite:

If we haven’t yet convinced you of our incredible ability to fix pain, listen to what some of our clients had to say.

…I feel set free! I’ve been plagued with back pain for years. After you treating me, I feel I could climb Black Mountain painlessly.
Betty Lou Engman, Scottsdale, AZ

am 79 years old and have been playing golf at a 5 handicap for more than 50 years. I had lost a lot of flexibility and developed a serious sciatic pain in my left leg. After the first session with Paul my leg pain was 80% better and amazingly, I could hit the ball 25 yards farther. I’m now pain free and have had the best golf year of my life.
Hazel Skinner – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I have been a client of Paul’s for almost 13 years. As a senior citizen who is 91 years old, I attribute my continuing agility and mobility to the “hands on” therapy Paul has provided for more than 13 years. I arrive for weekly sessions with an assortment of aches and pains and after his ministrations I am able to continue to participate fully in normal day to day activities. He knows exactly how to apply proper pressure to the muscles and related tissues so as to allow me to enjoy my life with a minimum of age related discomfort. I am confident that it is in large part due to his ongoing treatment that I am in such good shape.
Rose Harlow, Phoenix, AZ

Paul and his team have really nailed it with their tag line: “Change your body…Change your game.” Nothing could be more appropriate. My body felt instantly better after getting off of Paul’s table which translated to the first pain free round of golf I had had in years.
Lee Gregory, Whisper Rock Country Club Scottsdale, AZ

Paul literally only worked on my leg for 5 minutes and it was the best I have ever hit the ball. I won our member golf tournament and can’t wait to experience his entire NRT golf program.
Jeanne Gustafson, Estancia Country Club Scottsdale, AZ

For the first four months after breaking my 1st and 2nd rib, I laid in bed in a tremendous amount of pain. Pain radiated relentlessly in my shoulder, scapula and arm. It definitely put a cramp in my 23 year-old lifestyle. My pain affected my job, my family, my social life and every area of my life. it began to consume me. I started to get depressed when for an entire year and a half; I went from doctor to doctor trying to figure out what was causing me this unrelenting, excruciating pain in my shoulder and arm. Doctors were as dumbfounded as me and so continued to refer me to other doctors. In addition to seeing at least six different doctors all with different specialties, the doctors offered me pain killers and sent me to physical therapy three different times. I went faithfully, but there was no change in my pain. The last doctor I saw told me that there was nothing else he could do for me and that maybe I should try alternative medicine like acupuncture. I tried it, but it didn’t help either. My doctors seemed too busy for something that was a little obscure than the normal break, and so they gave up on me unwilling to stick it out until the pain was gone. With a lot of pain, money spend and no relief or effective cure, I was finally referred by a friend to Paul Ruth. Until this point, I had been seeing massage therapists as well, but that did not make the pain subside either. In my first consult with Paul, he explained his action plan to help me recover. He was confident and optimistic, and he had every reason to be. Within days of experiencing his neuromuscular treatments, I was already feeling better. With a lot of dedication, Paul got rid of my pain. When I started to go to him, I was just hoping he could lessen the pain, but to my amazement, he got rid of it. It has been great to go to someone who truly cares about getting me better and who is willing to spend the time it takes to see it through. Paul truly cares. I am so thankful to him because I can now live the active, joy-filled, pain free life every person deserves.
Melanie Welsch, Scottsdale, AZ

As a teaching pro I can’t say enough about how effective Swing Flex therapy is to your game. I was pain free and had more rotation in my swing in less than 25 minutes on Paul’s table. I think Swing Flex is the best investment a golfer could ever make in his game. I have never played more consistent golf in my life. Thanks Paul.
Bobby Trunzo – Head Golf Professional – Estancia Country Club, Scottsdale, AZ

I want to thank you for taking the time to be out at the Nationwide PGA Tour event and working on my back. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate you being there. You also worked on my girlfriend’s rotator cuff and she has been pain free since!
Ryan Howison, – Pga Tour Professional