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No Matter What:

There is a muscular component to every single function within the human body. Because of this we are able to treat almost any pain or physical setback you can imagine.

Sports performance & improvement:

An athlete’s secret weapon: NRT.

Have you ever wondered why you seem to struggle with the same swing faults in your golf game? Or can’t get that perfect slice in your tennis game? We are here to tell you that you can achieve drastic improvement in your physical performance through NRT: targeting and retraining your muscles to act (and rest) in a different way.

If you’re an athlete or someone who enjoys staying active, NRT should be a foundational component to your fitness regimen or sports training. Muscle imbalance, injury and chronic pain interrupt our movement patterns, affecting our ability to perform at the highest level we can. By using NRT we restore your body to its optimal performance levels and true, natural balance. Take it from Michael Phelps or Tiger Woods – NRT is as important as the diet you eat if you’re serious about your fitness. There is absolutely no need for you to wait any longer.

Muscular therapy:

So many world problems could be solved through muscular therapy – seriously. Out of the hundreds of thousands of physical ailments that are suffered by billions of people across the globe, a vast majority of them stem from muscle-related issues and imbalances.

If anyone were to tell you that muscles are less important than say, vital organs – they’d be wrong. Muscles reign supreme in our body and its every day functions. Without them we wouldn’t be the incredible human machines we are. So why wouldn’t we treat them accordingly? At Mojo Physio, we understand the power and importance of muscles in our bodies. That’s why we’re able to cure many different and seemingly unrelated ailments and pains. A normal doctor wouldn’t even begin to guess at the connections we’ve made.

If you’re struggling with pain from an undetermined source, or a determined source that “cannot be fixed” we encourage you to give NRT a try. You’ve got nothing to lose but pain, and that’s our promise.

Chronic pain & treatment:

‘How to get rid of pain’ has likely been a topic of interest to you for many years. You’re understandably wary and skeptical of any type of pain-relief claim. It is in this state our clients come to us – ready to wring our necks if they experience another failed attempt to relieve their chronic pain. We get it. Not only were we once in your shoes as sufferers, but we also see it now as purveyors of pain treatment. We genuinely want to give you your active, healthy lifestyle back and we’re telling you: it’s totally possible with Mojo Physio!

If you’ve suffered from muscle problems, neck pain, shoulder pain, shoulder and neck tension, back pain (lower or upper back pain), joint pain, sciatic pain, carpal tunnel, weakness, or any other chronic pain in your body: give us a try by booking a risk free, no obligation assessment today with one of our expert therapists and start your path toward a pain-free life. Don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Natural pain treatment:

Make no mistake – NRT is a natural alternative to pain medication, a way to avoid painkillers and narcotics, and an alternative way to get rid of pain permanently without becoming addicted to pain pills. But the term “alternative” is a bit misleading – the truth is that painkillers are a fake and dangerous alternative to NRT. Pain pills like hydrocodone, oxycodone, hydromorphone, and tramadol do absolutely nothing but make things worse, diminishing your body’s ability to stay healthy. They further debilitate your brain’s ability to produce dopamine, damage your pain receptors, and leave your body helplessly hooked on chemicals that will ravage your liver during long-term use. There is a solution that avoids this pitfall entirely and it’s called NRT – and we fundamentally believe that it can eradicate many narcotic addicts from their chains and prevent further addiction from spreading.

There is no shortage of people seeking alternative and natural methods for treating their pain and avoiding addictive narcotics. Our only challenge is convincing people to give us a try for that very first time. Once they do the rest sells itself – even after the first visit.

Chronic headaches & migraines:

Chronic head pain is one of the worst pains to manage and deal with. Those who suffer from chronic migraines or tension headaches will commonly attest that they’d rather have any other pain in the world except their head pain. That’s because pain in our heads tends to psychologically feel worse (it hurts to think and you can’t exactly stop that). Migraines and tension headaches are debilitating, and they’re like a freight train you can see coming but can’t stop. Are injections, nerve blocks or painkillers the only solution? Only if you just want to make things worse!

Mojo Physio is a pain clinic unlike any you’ve ever seen or heard of – using NRT to completely relieve the pressure and muscle imbalance that’s ultimately causing your chronic headaches and/or migraines.


The “TMJ”, or temporomandibular joint, is considered one of the most complex and overused joints in our bodies. When this joint becomes problematic (TMD) it causes and leads to severe issues throughout the entire body. TMD is a muscular problem and happens to be one the easiest things for us to fix. Our program is a 6-session (3 week) program designed to remove years of painful muscular imbalance in your TMJ and surrounding muscles.

There are very few specialists who treat this disorder and the ones who do only achieve around a 30 – 40% success rate. These are the TMJ “specialists” you get referred to by your primary care physician unfortunately. The dentist is another heavily referred place for people with TMJ issues. But the problem here is that dentists aren’t specialists in the underlying issue: muscles. Muscles are what make the jaw function.

We strongly encourage you to find out just how easy it truly is for us to fix your TMJ/TMD issues, educate you on how to avoid them in the future, and stay pain-free for good. There is absolutely no need for you to suffer any longer.

Onsite corporate wellness: NRT in the workplace

Why offer NRT to your employees? Download our free info-guide for the facts on ROI & employee retention.

The importance and purpose behind having happy and healthy employees is not a new concept. But what is new is how you can accomplish it.

The current trend is to boost employee moral through what you’ve probably heard of as onsite or corporate chair massage programs. But here is the reality of these programs:

  • Employee paid, comes out of their pockets at $30-40 for a half hour session (how long can they really keep this up for?)
  • Provides a relaxing massage that puts the employee to sleep, rendering them ready to go home instead of continue working even harder
  • Always starts out with high employee excitement and engagement
  • Always loses popularity and employee engagement after only a few weeks of implementation

Has no real value or long-term results to employee health (which takes more money out of the business owner’s pocket ultimately)

Imagine something that actually makes your employees happier and more productive: NRT

What makes people happier than anything? Being pain free. Companies desperately want a happy and healthy workforce because it improves the bottom line, avoids long-term health costs, boosts productivity, creates a positive environment, and bolsters employee retention. A massage can’t accomplish this – what can is NRT: a long-term, biologically proven solution to employee chronic pain and discomfort.

With NRT, any employee who suffers from any type of chronic pain gets an at-work solution that provides long-term results. The reality about NRT at your office:

  • Carries huge cost avoidance and return on investment (significant increases in productivity and employee retention & significant decreases in health insurance payouts)
  • Falls under “first aid” and will not cause an OSHA recordable
  • Provides NRT touch therapy that produced immediate results for the employee, meaning even after their first session they return to work rejuvenated by their lack of pain and tension (instead of sleepy)
  • Extremely sustainable, with lasting employee engagement since employees don’t have to pay for it
  • Has a 95% success rate at curing your employees’ pain issues permanently
  • Improves employee physical health and enables them to have a more active lifestyle with lower levels of stress-induced painful tension or occupational carpal tunnel

A real reduction (and eventual complete submission) in employee pain will not only cause an increase in productivity, but also in employee satisfaction and retention.  We make it possible for companies to reap the benefits of truly happy, pain free employees. Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of the companies we’ve worked with!

It’s your choice to incorporate smart, simple, sophisticated, and measurable cost avoidance and ROI solutions for your company while taking extremely good care of the people who choose to work for you, your cause and your company.

The incredible simplicity of NRT makes it completely affordable to small businesses while still being scalable to larger corporations at the same affordability. Here are some of the companies that we've worked with: