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Secret to Alleviating Chronic Pain?

Secret to Alleviating Chronic Pain? I once hired a kid from Arizona State University to help me with marketing. He asked me to explain what I do so he could prepare some materials. I thought about that for...

Eliminate Your Pain Neurologically

Eliminate Your Pain Neurologically That’s probably the question my patients ask me most often. And it’s a very good question since it goes to the root of something very important, something they didn’t know about themselves. My name...

Learn Mojo Physio Alleviate Pain

Learn Mojo Physio Alleviate Pain My name is Paul Ruth. I’m a holistic neuromuscular specialist who focuses on the treatment of TMJ (more commonly known as lockjaw) and headaches. My success rate in these two areas is over...

Body Mapping Can Cure Pain

Body Mapping Can Cure Pain In the mid-2000s, I began teaching a national seminar on how to relieve pain through physical touch. People fly from all over the country to study with me, but that doesn’t mean they...

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