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Fixing Pain:

We’ve revolutionized the way pain is identified and dealt with through Neuromuscular Release Therapy (NRT). With NRT, we work directly with your brain to treat the pain and muscular imbalance you’re experiencing.

When you suffer from any form of chronic pain, you’re really suffering from a muscular imbalance in your body. Getting injured, having a joint or bone condition, holding bad posture, hovering over a computer, lifting, being tense – all cause our brains to go into a protective “reflex” mode. In this mode, our brains spasm the muscles around the pain in order to slow or stop movement and prevent further injury. This basic reflex is the body’s natural inclination to achieve function, but unfortunately it causes major muscle imbalance in the process.

NRT Explained:

Neuromuscular Release Therapy is an art form based upon touch and observation: creating a virtual map of your body in order to get a full picture of how certain muscle stimulation triggers certain response mechanisms in your brain. With NRT we’ve been 95% effective at curing almost any sort of condition that causes chronic pain. For a full list of the conditions NRT can treat, click here.

In addition to being extraordinarily effective it’s also fast: our clients typically achieve an immediate 50% to 80% reduction in their pain level after just one session, with sustainable recovery after 6 – 10 treatments. These results are largely consistent and 100% safe for any body type, age, or condition.

To experience “necessary pain” goes against everything NRT stands for. NRT operates under the methodology that your brain is the most sophisticated tool on Earth. When it signals that something you’re doing hurts, you don’t keep doing it. Our NRT treatment is completely tolerable and does not cause you to cringe, experience agony or sustain pain or pressure at any time during treatment.

NRT is not massage therapy! Although our hands do all the work, NRT is not a deep tissue or therapeutic massage. NRT is intuitive and gentle, yet very specific and technical. It requires a highly trained therapist who can speak with the response mechanisms of the brain and re-train your muscle memory. Somewhat like acupuncture, NRT addresses the body’s interconnectedness and how our muscles work with each other and our brain to achieve function.

How NRT works:

A relatively quick 15-minute exam will identify the precise source of your imbalance. We’ll learn exactly what condition your muscular system is in and how to treat it accordingly.

We then apply NRT techniques that releases the years of protective muscular patterning that has simply become “stuck” within your nervous system and is directly responsible for your pain. Because we let your brain guide us throughout the entire treatment process, we eliminate any guesswork and achieve incredible efficiency and results.

After about 6 to 10 treatments you will no longer need to come to Mojo Physio regularly, nor will you have the time: you’ll be busy getting back to your normal and active lifestyle! But because most clients return to the activities that led them to muscular imbalance in the first place, long-term maintenance is highly recommended. Clients can become self-sufficient in their own maintenance and care IF they are diligent enough to keep up their NRT self-care consistently. If you’re not one of those people, having a once-per-month NRT maintenance session will ensure you sustain a painless lifestyle and benefit from the long-term results of NRT.