In The Healing World, Touch Is The Most Powerful Modality I Know Of

In the healing world, touch is the most powerful modality I know of.

I never knew anything about the art of healing or massage or energy work or anything related to that. I was just a guy who had done a lot of athletics in his life.

And who, from time to time, had suffered certain injuries and issues himself.

It never occurred to me once that I could make healing a lifetime practice.

The particular school that I trained at was geared toward what many people would call touchy feely, woo-woo, “out there” concepts. We talked a lot about energy, stuff that I’d never really heard of before.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that didn’t bother me at all.

In fact, very frequently, I felt like the normal guy in a cast of wacky characters. I was the mainstream dude among all these sensitive artist types. But I never doubted that the people I was training with were very committed to helping other human beings heal.

They all brought a very sincere energy to the pursuit. So it didn’t matter to me if they were dressed in a mumu, or had purple-dyed hair, braided dreadlocks, or interesting jewelry.

No, what mattered to me was their intention.

And over and over again, I found that their intention was not only pure but entirely geared toward the betterment of the patients they worked on.

Mostly, I found what I learned at my therapy school was who I was, the skills and sensitivities and ideas and understandings that I brought to each individual patient.

As a healer, I believe that’s the most important thing you can ever learn. And I’ll always be grateful to the school I trained at for that.

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