I Don’t Consider Myself A Foodie, But I Thought The Food In Germany Was Awesome!

It was one of the swankiest clubs I’d ever played at.

I checked in and went to the locker room to get ready.

Imagine my surprise when I walked in on a naked woman.

(That sort of thing never happened to me back in the United States.)

I covered my eyes at once and started to babble. “Sorry! I’m so sorry!!” And backed away.

I made it one aisle over. Lo and behold, there was a naked guy there, toweling off.

Now I was really confused.

I glanced at the naked woman. Back at the naked man. Who kept rubbing his back with a towel.

“Ja,” he said, with a short, curt nod. “Co-ed.”

I soon learned the whole facility was like that.

Imagine me, a nineteen-year-old kid—fresh off the boat, so to speak—showering next to a naked woman, a stranger, in a public place.

Talk about culture shock.

But that’s one of the things travel does for you.

It can really open your eyes

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