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I Witnessed A Peculiar Thing Happen In The Wake Of The Ramstein Air Show Disaster

I witnessed a peculiar thing happen in the wake of the Ramstein air show disaster. I’ve already written about my friend Hoss. How we thought he’d died when the Italian planes collided in mid-air and something like a...

My Being Present At The Ramstein Air Show Disaster Had Another Unintended Consequence

My being present at the Ramstein air show disaster had another unintended consequence. I’ve already written about how I struggled with PTSD and guilt after everything happened. I had run from flaming debris, leaving my friends and my...

I Suddenly Found Myself The Manager Of A Bunch Of Teamster Guys I Used To Work With On A Loading Dock When I First Arrived In Arizona.

As I wrote about previously, I suddenly found myself the manager of a bunch of Teamsters I used to work with on a loading dock when I first arrived in Arizona. Which would have been great except I...

I Met My First Wife When I Was Serving In The Air Force

I met my first wife when I was serving in the Air Force, stationed in Victorville, California. We were dating. Pretty casual. Then the Air Force gave me red line orders: move to Germany within a month or...

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